Deal Maker Live
Deal Maker LIVE
Plus The DM’s 44th Birthday Bash June 29-30th In Cleveland, Ohio
Increase Cashflow... Work Less Hours... and Turn Your Business Into An Asset You Can Sell For a Massive Payout!
I don't care if you're in real estate, have an online business, or a brick & mortar store. I'll show you how to make more money, stop working so much, and position any business for a big exit by turning it into a sellable asset... or even hold onto it long-term for the increased cashflow.
WHEN: June 29th and 30th
WHERE: Cleveland, OH (at an undisclosed location)
What I'll be showing you over this 2-day event...
  • The "Blueprint" to automate your business so nothing relies solely on you. (this is how I "run" multiple multi-million dollar per year companies ... from home or anywhere in the world).
  • Scale any business by hiring "A+ Players" who pay for themselves and never want to leave (I'll even show you where to hire them. This strategy is a game changer that will grow your business without you being present.)
  • Create multiple cashflow streams which is the secret to staying rich. It's called the "ABL" formula.
  • Mindset (not the boring shit ... I’m talking about how to rewire your brain for massive growth in wealth, health, and relationships.)
  • The hottest industries to add into your portfolio even if you have zero experience.
  • Why you need to be investing at least 5-figures per month in your marketing! I'll show you where to market and how to get started with a couple bucks a day.
  •  Direct Mailing Secrets to lock up deals that no other investor or real estate agent even know exist! (I spent millions testing these methods) 
  • Grow and profit from your social media… even if you have no followers and "nothing to share"
  • Use your current email contacts to make millions sitting on a beach or in your backyard.
  • Raise millions of dollars LEGALLY for your next acquisition -- real estate or business.
  •  Dominate your industry by scaling with acquisition.
  • Turn your company into a sellable asset for a massive exit (I'll even show you how to "stay on" and earn a passive cashflow with minimal time commitment).
  • Identify and drive core values to build revenue, culture, and a team that drives the company forward. 
  • And much more.
Now at the end of the last day I'm inviting you to .... 

My "Top Secret" 44th Birthday Bash! 

My party will be catered by one of the top chefs in Columbus ... overflowing with drinks... and tasty, sweet treats all in a fun, laid-back setting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs from around the country. 

Not only will you get to talk to other high-level business owners, some doing 8+ figures per year ... but you'll also get to rub shoulders with a few special guests 😉 

Ask them any questions you got.. Hell, even "buy" them a drink at the open-bar 🙂 and really get them to open up. 

These are real players in the business world … and you’ll get to ask them anything you want. 

This party will be like NOTHING you've ever experienced before and will change your life if you're there. 

The price to attend is just $1997 $997 

** You’ll be able to add a second ticket for your spouse or partner for only $497 if you choose. 

Reserve your ticket right now and I’ll see you soon.
Thank you,
Mark Evans DM
P.S. After you secure your ticket my assistant, Kim, will reach out to you and let you know all the details.

P.P.S. If you purchase your ticket before June 7th not only will I cut the price of your ticket, but I’ll invite you on a 60-minute group call before the event to answer any questions you mayhave about your real estate business and even share with you a few of the other surprises I have in store for you when you show up on June 28th.  

P.P.P.S. If you’re truly serious about taking your real estate business to the next level then you need to grab a ticket and make sure you show up.

This event will be full of heavy-hitters who will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to work yourself out of the day-to-day mundane tasks and start making some real money in this business.

The ticket is only $997.

There will be no pitches or selling of any kind.

Just pure proven methods and strategies that can actually make you millions of dollars.
2022 is flying by us … now is the time to prove anyone who doubted you that you finally made it … so what’s it going to be?
Mark Evans DM 5480 Corporate Way Suite, 106 West Palm Beach, FL 33407
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