Deal-A-Thon 2.0
Plus The DM’s 41st Birthday Bash June 18-19th In Columbus, Ohio
I’ll Show You (In Person) How I Flip 50+ Deals Per Month
I Don’t Look At Properties, Talk To Sellers, Talk To Buyers, Market Houses, Manage Tenants, Sign Paperwork -- 
And I Haven’t Since December 31st, 2005
My Systems Handle Everything... I Just Look At The Profit Per Deal!
WHEN: June 18th and 19th
WHERE: Columbus, OH (at an undisclosed location)
Here’s just smidge of what I’ll show you at Deal-A-Thon 2.0…
  •  The #1 person you need to hire immediately to scale your business and profits (I’ll tell you where to get find them too).
  •  How to extract motivated sellers in ANY market hot or cold with maximum profits. If you're not doing this you’re missing out on some of the BIGGEST deals of your life... (hint: this isn’t a direct mail piece)
  •  Leverage Facebook and Instagram to dominate your market and put your “competition” to shame. You'll learn from one of the most highly sought after Social Media Marketers in the world. (I’ll even show you my ACTUAL STATS from my personal company).
  •  Raise $10,000,000 of “cheap” private money to finance any of your deals. (Learn from the 25 year old kid who did it).
  •  Build your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio from $0 To $225,000,000 million in just 3 years (wait till you see how this is done)
  •  Build a Recession Proof Business that will thrive in the upcoming crash (Many of you haven’t been in real estate long enough to ride the massive wave in 2006’ and go through the crash of 2008’ -- my business model allowed me to make many millions during this time while most investors we’re going Bankrupt.).
  •  Direct Mailing Secrets to lock up deals that no other investor or real estate agent even know exist! (I spent millions testing these methods) 
  •  "Business Flow To Grow" - Get my exact blueprint that took me from a solo-investor to a monster business owner that has a full team running the day to day operation. You'll see what it looks like and more importantly you'll get the exact blueprint so you can reproduce it. (Priceless ...took me 23 years to get this dialed in).
  •  The Social Media opportunity that NOBODY is using to grow their business. Meet the man who has nearly 1,000,000,000 (that’s a billion) eyeballs on him using this platform.
  •  Sell your deals without “selling” them. You’ll literally have cash buyers lined up pleading with you to sell them your deals.
  •  How to raise Private Money even when starting with nothing (you’ll kick yourself once you see how simple this is).
  •  Become your local "Real Estate Celebrity". We'll lay out a step by step how to achieve this with just $5 dollars per day. By positioning yourself as the go-to person in your market you'll get first access to profitable deals and introduced to investors with big money that they want to you to “play with” (aka private lenders). HUGE power player move here … hope you’re ready for it.
  •  How to create your own "Dream Team" to do the work for you... this is by far one of the BIGGEST pieces one is holding them back from going to the next level. You’ll get a next hire blueprint which could literally 10X your business. 
  •  No bullshit, there will be a lot more … most importantly you’ll walk away with a clear and direct game plan on how you can duplicate everything in your own market.
Plus we'll finish up the event with the party of the year... DM's 41st Birthday Bash!!!
It will be fully catered by one of the top chef's in Columbus, overflowing with drinks, and topped off with *drum roll* a giant birthday cake (my favorite) all in a fun, laid-back setting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Ohio and from around the country.

Not only will you get to talk to other high-level business owners, some doing 8+ figures per year ... but you'll also get to sync up with a few special guests 😉 Ask them any questions you got.. Hell, even "buy" them a drink at the open-bar 🙂 and really grill em'.

These are real players in the real estate investing game … and you’ll get to ask them anything you want.

This will be like NOTHING you've ever experienced before and will change your business. 
The price to attend is just $2,497

However, if you order before June 7th I’ll cut the price to just $1,997

** You’ll be able to add a second ticket for your spouse or partner for only $997 if you choose.

Reserve your ticket right now and I’ll hand over, on a gold platter, my real estate investing business model that allows you to buy and sell properties completely virtual & automated so you can finally make the kind of money you want and live the lifestyle you deserve.
Thank you,
Mark Evans DM
P.S. After you secure your ticket my assistant, Kim, will reach out to you and let you know all the details.

P.P.S. If you purchase your ticket before June 7th not only will I cut the price of your ticket, but I’ll invite you on a 60-minute group call before the event to answer any questions you may have about your real estate business and even share with you a few of the other surprises I have in store for you when you show up on June 18th.  

P.P.P.S. If you’re truly serious about taking your real estate business to the next level then you need to grab a ticket and make sure you show up.

This event will be full of heavy-hitters who will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to work yourself out of the day-to-day mundane tasks and start making some real money in this business.

The ticket is only $1,997.

There will be no pitches or selling of any kind.

Just pure proven methods and strategies that can actually make you millions of dollars.
2019 is flying by us … now is the time to prove anyone who doubted you that you finally made it … so what’s it going to be?
© Mark Evans DM 2019